February 12, 2014

Two Players Named to WBCA "So You Want To Be A Coach" Class

A pair of Summit League student-athletes were named to the Women's Basketball Coaches Association (WBCA) "So You Want To Be A Coach" class of 2014.

Denver's Maiya Michel and Fort Wayne's Amanda Hyde were announced as two out of 50 members of the program, representing The Summit League.

The objectives of the “So” program are to increase the understanding and application of skills necessary to secure coaching positions in women’s basketball, increase the understanding and awareness of competencies necessary for success in coaching, introduce female basketball players to coaches and administrators, raise awareness of the existing talent pool of female basketball players who have a passion and interest in coaching the game of women’s basketball.

“So” participants will learn about recruiting, the administrative side of coaching, how to get hired, skill development, the importance of knowing the rules and how to balance work and life. 

Qualified candidates must have exhausted their final year of basketball eligibility at a four-year institution or have graduated within the past year. In addition, the candidate’s head coach must be an active WBCA member and nominate them. Each participant is selected based on her academics, contributions to women’s basketball on and off the court, professional resume and a written recommendation from her head coach.

Sponsors for the “So” program are the WBCA and the NCAA Matching Fund for the Advancement of Ethnic Minority Women Coaches and Officials.

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