January 23, 2015

Collegiate Baseball Releases Its Summit League Predictions

Collegiate Baseball Newspaper recently released it Division I conference predictions for the upcoming baseball season, which begins Feb. 13. Below is the publication's rundown of The Summit League:

Projected Order of Finish
1. Omaha
2. Oral Roberts
3. South Dakota State
4. North Dakota State
5. Western Illinois
6. Fort Wayne

Projected Pitcher of the Year
RHP Tyler Fox, Omaha

Projected Player of the Year
2B Clayton Taylor, Omaha

Other Top Players To Watch
RHP Zach Williamsen, Omaha
LHP Sam Murphy, Omaha
RHP Guillermo Trujillo, Oral Roberts
RHP Kurt Giller, Oral Roberts
OF Logan Domenico, Oral Roberts
2B Matt Brandy, Oral Roberts
LHP Chris Anderson, South Dakota State
RHP Chad Hodges, South Dakota State
RHP J.D. Moore, South Dakota State
OF Zach Coppola, South Dakota State
IF Matt Johnson, South Dakota State
OF Paul Jacobson, South Dakota State
IF Cody Sharrow, South Dakota State
RHP David Ernst, North Dakota State
LHP Parker Trewin, North Dakota State
RHP Reed Pfannenstein, North Dakota State
RHP Trevor Jaunich, North Dakota State
RHP Nick Milligan, Western Illinois
LHP Tyler Owings, Western Illinois
LHP Tom Constand, Western Illinois
C Adam McGinnis, Western Illinois
3B Chris Tschida, Western Illinois

For more information visit Collegiate Baseball Newspaper.

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