April 30, 2013

My Championship Experience - Women's Tennis Edition

My Championship Experience is a diary blog written by Summit League student-athletes detailing their experiences at each of the 19 Championships.

Fort Wayne senior and Summit League Women’s Tennis Player of the Year Anita Henestrosa writes about her experience at the 2013 Summit League Women's Tennis Tournament:

Day 1: Thursday, April 25
      It is interesting to see how on special days athletes change their gear for dresses and suits. Thursday was that day.  The Summit League Tournament Banquet made the tennis athletes dress up for a gala that celebrated the sport, the players, the coaches and the rival schools in the friendly competition that was to come. It was a fun event where The Summit League’s Assistant Commissioner, Myndee Kay Larsen, gave an inspiring speech that motivated the player’s efforts on and off the court. Awards were passed out to all the players whose effort was outstanding and recognized by the Summit League. It was a wonderful event filled with friends and fellow student athletes… and of course, the delicious food.

Day 2: Friday, April 26
      On the following day the The Summit League Tournament semifinals began. In the morning the IPFW men’s team started the tournament against UMKC. The heated competition began after the national anthem, but the match quickly took a serious and competitive turn. In an emotional ending for victory, the ‘Dons unfortunately lost in a nerve-wracking game. However, following the defeat, our women’s team swooped in for the victory against South Dakota and earned a spot in the finals.

Day 3: Saturday, April 27
      The finals on Saturday came quicker than we wanted and so did the tension. UMKC was able to overcome the strength of IUPUI and take The Summit League men’s trophy. Their celebration was interfered with, however, when the ‘Dons took the women’s Summit League trophy by beating the Kangaroos in an intense four-hour match. After clinching the doubles point, the ‘Dons prepared for singles matches that would decide the end result. It all came down to No. 6 player, Marcy Huck, who in a tense three-set match beat UMKC. The win gave IPFW the third championship in school history. The NCAA Tournament opponent can expect a hard-working Mastodons team wherever it is hosted.

      The great sportsmanship the men’s and women’s team from the competing schools only motivate the efforts of the other athletes and the staff of IPFW.  Through effort, heart and passion the UMKC Men’s Tennis team and the IPFW Women’s Tennis team were able to achieve their ultimate goals, but the effort, heart and passion of the other teams and the supporters were just as strong, inspiring and endless. The gratitude we have as ‘Dons to the IPFW staff, the coaches, the player and the fans is what drove this competition to be it’s finest and we hope it will remain for the next years to come. Go ‘Dons!


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