February 05, 2013

Baseball America's 2013 Summit League Preview

Baseball America released its 2013 Summit League preview on Monday outlining the predicted order of finish, Player and Pitcher of the Year, top prospects and newcomers and quick hitters.

Projected Order of Finish:
1. North Dakota State
2. South Dakota State
3. Western Illinois
4. Oakland
5. Omaha
6. Fort Wayne

Player of the Year: Tim Colwell, North Dakota State
Pitcher of the Year: John Straka, North Dakota State

Top Prospects (2013 and 2014 Drafts):
1. John Straka, North Dakota State
2. Tyler Farrell, Western Illinois (2014)
3. David Ernst, North Dakota State (2014)
4. Layne Somsen, South Dakota State
5. Dan Dispensa, Western Illinois

Top Newcomers:
1. Tanner Schumacher, North Dakota State
2. Tim Koons, Oakland
3. Jake Ratz, South Dakota State

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