February 13, 2012

SDSU's McLain Siblings Featured by Argus Leader

Three siblings in a swimming pool. Simple, joyous, complete.

That’s what this is about.The McClain kids – Morgan, Jim and Alex – were hoping to recapture a sense of innocence in reuniting at South Dakota State after years apart. Things had gotten difficult outside the water. There were health issues, and they were complicated by distance – hundreds of miles rather than meters.

Brookings was close enough to the family home in Pierre, fulfilled their competitive desires and provided warm nostalgia. All three attended SDSU camps as children. Brad Erickson was the coach then, too. He’s been leading the Jackrabbits for 37 years, long enough to recruit a father-daughter and a couple sets of sisters.

But he’s never had three swimmers from the same family at the same time, let alone at the NCAA Division I level.

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