November 10, 2011

Men’s soccer standout Agaba prepares to repay the villagers who helped him stay in school

As an elite student and standout soccer player in Kampala, Uganda, Perez Agaba was poised to make a choice as his time at King’s College Budo Secondary School came to an end.

“You’ve got to choose one of the two; doing both is almost impossible,” Agaba said of the setup in his homeland, where college sports are essentially limited to intramural activities. “You’re either going for the academics or for the soccer, and you’ve got to decide.”

There was no doubt which way Agaba would have gone. He was approached by a professional soccer club about signing with them.

“I sat with my mom,” he recalled, “and I told her, ‘I love playing soccer, but I’ll be honest about life: Soccer’s not really going to give me what I need to live the life I would love to lead.’ ... I was ready to just play for fun and go to school.”

In the end, Agaba didn’t have to choose one of his loves over another.

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